Monday, August 17, 2009

Spilling WAY Over The Side

In a world where people are plastic and plastic is surgery, I find myself feeling like a miscellaneous speck of debris being strewn to and fro across this planet with mindless bloodsucking leaches trying to drink every penny from my soul. Am I wrong? Does it even matter if I'm wrong or right? I dunno. I really just don't know. Am I the fake one? Or is it the people that try so hard to look and act and sound unique and individual that all end up looking like there stupid little friends?!?!? So original! Keep up the good work maggots, I can just hear my tax dollars being spent on your health care to give you all of the methadone you need at the rehab center. Never enough is it?...always just a little to little! Enough to feel but not to curb! What a dilemma! Here I am working everyday for the weakest excuse for compensation that I can think of. Getting the paycheck ALMOST makes going to work everyday worth it! So I work, and I slave, and I study while you kill babies because it's a choice? Because you FEEL it's the right thing to do! So I go to school and remember what I need to, to pass tests while you sell your drugs to the highest bidder? How high do you have to be to realize you've been played by your self?!?!?!? To think you thought you were working less for more money! But you have to watch your pathetic back that contemporary society hates and detests and doesn't want their children to become like! It's a joke with no punch line! It's eggs with way too much bacon! It's killing you and it's killing me! And every ONE...EVERY one...needs to feel love! Acceptance! Peace! Happiness! But how can you? How can I? Even with the knowledge of Higher can I find the peace and the serenity while you rape our world!?!??! While you insist upon being a "Knucklehead"? I wonder sometimes if I should even care. Who am I in this frail mortal existence, that I should be who and where I am? Is it my fault you are the way you are? Is it your fault I'm the way I am? Or is it all just a really bad dream, and I will soon wake up in God's mighty arms!??!?! The question isn't if There IS...but SINCE there IS...Why do I feel so alone in my waking thoughts? As if I was some record on a turn table getting played over and over again and nobody was even listening. Kind of like posting this note on a weblog!

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Blog Is Under Deconstruction

I'm changing the shape and scope of my blog. The other direction I was going was lame, boring and not really me. Stay tuned y'all...Some things will be a happening on electricskull very soon! Lock and Load...